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Deadly Art

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An ANNUAL, encompassing the voluminous content in which you've hopefully already indulged, as well as some selections of added importance available nowhere else. The first ANNUAL is entitled Deadly Art, a blend of works from volumes past, re-sequenced for enhanced enjoyment, peppered with delectable new tracks, re-recordings of older favourites, and even a re-rendering of an obscure Paul McCartney song. Enjoy. Also available digitally.


1. Harvest
2. A Formal Occasion
3. Killing Machine
4. Stella, Dear
5. Temporary Secretary
6. Best Man
7. Secret Identity
8. Action Lady
9. Atlas
10. Blood Will Tell
11. Tomorrow's Date
12. Fancy Meeting You Here
13. Mothership
14. Ladykiller
15. Gay Guy
16. Salvage Mission